AUGUST 17-18, 2016

40+ Sessions
25+ Speakers
10 Hands-On Labs

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Process Discovery in Real Life
Process Discovery is an important foundation for any BPM implementation project. This presentation will cover basics such as: What is Process Discovery? How much detail should be captured during the Process Discovery phase? Tips for successful Process Discovery workshops, tools that can help (Blueworks Live), and pitfalls to avoid.

Indiana Jones and the Performance Data Warehouse of Doom
The Performance Data Warehouse can be an unruly place. In this session you will learn how to head off the need to delete 118 million rows. Learn how to reach your process without worrying about the need to rescue the environment.

BPM Projects - Life After Deployment
A BPM project is more than development against a date, it must be prepared for what happens after that date without highly compromising fresh development (and business expectations) for the next cycle. In this session the BPM project life-cycle is unveiled highly focusing on post deployment. It will cover how a project can be prepared for the post deployment, how the development can continue after deployment, and how to manage the development and maintenance side-by-side.

The Right UI
This session will start with a practical adaptation of traditional user experience techniques like journey mapping, personas, and prototypes to BPM. From there, we'll work our way to eventually choosing the right UI technology (CoachViews, Headless, etc.) based on user need. A session packed with real-life examples and practical knowledge.

HELP! My IT Team is Incompetent!
A panel session on how to manage the IT team so you can actually get what you want. This talk will include various methods of getting through roadblocks, standards, and delivery problems.

HELP! My Users are Irrational!
A discussion of the various tips and techniques for working through the sometimes irrational expectations of our user communities. This can vary from expecting completely unreasonable amount of work in irrational timelines, to having no interest in partnering with IT due to an expectation that nothing promised ever gets delivered.

Writing a Process Centric Business Case
In this session you will learn the top 10 markers that are typical of a business case for BPM. An evaluation of things like reducing volumes, increasing efficiency, reducing defects, and creating value through process.

ODM v. DSI - Use Cases and Examples
IBM Decision Server Insight is the new version of IBM ODM that lets you write rules against event patterns including statistical aggregates. This session will explore cases for both technologies snd when they should be used.

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